Our Instructors

Among our instructors we have many qualified pilots, from holders of a Private Pilot Licenses to commercial pilots taking a break from flying the real thing to share their love of flying with our guests at iPILOT.


Jason Pereira
Jason Pereira:

If you speak to my mother she will tell you I wanted to fly probably before I even learned to walk, I was born to fly its been my Passion and my Dream for as long as I can remember. At the age of 19 I started learning to fly got my PPL flying the Piper P28 Cherokee Aircraft and before long was the proud holder of a CPL, after nearly 11 years of flying I absolutely adore flying! Working with iPILOT gives me an opportunity like no other, unlike flying in real life iPilot allows me to meet other Aviation Enthusiasts from all countries and all walks of life all sharing one passion “AVIATION”.
Come down to iPILOT for the opportunity of a life time to make your dreams of flying a modern Jetliner come true.

Matthew Galvin
Matthew Galvin:

Always with a passion for aviation, I flew an aircraft for the first time at the age of 14, progressing to become PPL qualified on my 17th Birthday. On finishing high school, I started my professional flight training at Oxford Aviation Academy and graduated with a Frozen ATPL in 2013. Enthusiastic for a career in the aviation industry, I joined iPilot as an Instructor in April 2014 and I am now Manager of our Dubai Mall branch.
In addition to continuing to be involved in flight instruction, I oversee the smooth day-to-day running of iPilot Dubai Mall, ensuring operational excellence, the highest level of customer satisfaction and the strictest adherence to company operating procedures.

Dominik Boryczko
Dominik Boryczko:

My adventure with flying started when I was in the kindergarten I was making airplanes models, and flying with my father on paraglide. At the same time I started to fly by aerobatic airplane models and gained ever greater achievements. I was a teenager Polish champion and national polish team member in F2B category. Than when I was 16 years old I began flying gliders, later when I was 19 I started training on single-engine aircrafts and got PPL. My previous Job was pretty boring, and nothing close to aviation, I decide to change it because all my life I was dreaming to work as a Pilot, because to get full ATPL license is extremely expensive and I didn’t had money for it, I had no chance to get any work close to aviation and for sure not as a pilot. Then I found iPilot, when I saw it I was sure that is something for me. Right now I am so happy to be part of this fantastic iPilot family. Day after day I’m getting new experience and I believe, it will help me to get my dream come true means ATPL

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